Advantages of IKMF


Founded by Imi Lichtenfeld (inventor of the Krav Maga) and his best pupils

Largest and oldest association worldwide, over 40 years of realistic Krav Maga experience

Continuous development through cooperation and feedback from all military, police and civilian authorities from practical experience on the road

Cooperation with elite units in the whole world

Our instructors were trained and tested by professional experts from Israel

Our instructors are constantly trained and tested

What does the IKMF offer?


We offer a professional and high quality training to the Krav Maga Instructor

We offer a variety of training courses in the military, police and private sectors

We offer trainingscamps in Israel and worldwide

We offer the most professional and largest seminar and course offer worldwide

We have an own app with deadline visibility, communication, pictures and videos and explanation of all the techniques for members

Our members can also train in other countries free of charge with their passport

We offer level tests worldwide

We offer the real Krav Maga from Israel – you do not go to the Chinese to learn yodel

Welcome to IKMF Switzerland.

International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) is the largest association in the world, a large family, represented in over 40 countries.

Classes in the head quarter of Bern.

The offer ranges from beginners, advanced, children and women classes up to security personnel. Our expert team is trained to the highest standards.

We offer the following classes:

What are you waiting for?

You acquire self-defense techniques, but also the handling of the physical confrontation (combat). These two components are essential to ensure effective protection for you and others.

Become stronger
Become faster
Efficiant combat
Climb degrees
Become functional
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